Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lit Coach Recommends...

Narrative Nonfiction
Many teachers are diving into the different types of informational texts.  One in particular is Narrative Nonfiction.  In this video from Choice Literacy, Aimee Buckner models a read aloud and guided activity by having students identify facts within a narrative nonfiction read aloud. 
Part One:  The Read Aloud
Part Two:  The Activity


Teaching Channel

Thanks to Roberta Bizardie for recommending teachingchannel.org.  This web resources has a variety of a videos of expert teachers modeling Management to Common Core Standards.  It can also act has a digital PLC through the Workspace features.  Teachers can keep track of lessons they'd like to try, take notes and follow teachers.


Questions for Instructional Conferencing
Erin Grant spent the last couple weeks compiling a magnificent document for literacy teachers K-12.  Questions for Instructional Conferencing was first meant as a resource for administrators but is now shared to all instructional staff to be used as a reflective tool.  Use the questions to guide you through the curriculum and plan your instruction accordingly. 

Essay Map

Check out this Essay Map through readwritethink.org.  This tool can be used as a graphic organizer to get kids started on writing their informational and opinion pieces.  It can also be used to summarize texts based on the Summary Rubric as seen in Unit 2.  Make sure to consult your Writing Rubrics when planning your writing instruction.


Literacy Learning Lab
There is still plenty of space for the remaining Literacy Labs.  Our Novice to Ninja series will focus on sharing resources.  The March 22nd Pit Stop will focus on looking at data to inform the last 6 weeks of teaching.  We'll be looking at Mastery Manager data and also breaking down additional Common Core Standards.


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