Friday, February 10, 2012

Lit Coach Recommends...

This week's Lit Coach Recommends will share some videos of writing lessons from out support website, Choice Literacy, as well as a video from one of our own teachers!  We also have a great online resource for nonfiction articles as well as sharing how a teacher in our district is using blogs for informational writing!

Revising Titles
As many teachers progress through the writing process for the required informational piece, many focus on revising to make their piece more exciting.  Watch this video of a 3rd and 4th grade classroom as they revise the titles of their pieces.  

Adding details and paragraphing with Mentor Texts
Paragraphing can often be the key piece for organizing student writing.  Watch as Aimee Buckner uses a mentor text to teach paragraphing to a group of writers. 

Informational Blogging
Sarah Finely starting blogging in her 7th grade classroom.  But its not just any kind of blogging, its blogging with a purpose in mind.  Sarah's plan is to develop writers' nonfiction writing skills through informational blogging.  Here are some of the informational blogs students have created:

Nature Underwater!  by Kalion Knox

Gleek Digest by Madison Kornely

Food with Love by Nebraska Millard

PowWow Times by Chaz Blue Thunder

Check back as their writing develops over the course of the unit!  Great job kids!
Reviewing Narrative Learning Goals
Not sure how to continue to support students in their narrative learning goals?  Conferring with students on self-selected independent reading is an excellent place to return to learning goals from the narrative unit.  Check out one of our own, Patty Tinant, as she confers with a Jocelyn, a fourth grader, after finishing a self-selected book. Notice how she reviews learning goals from Unit 2 (author's purpose, theme, etc.)

Nonfiction Articles
Trouble finding nonfiction reading for your students?  Check out KidzTimez!  Student can read a variety of nonfiction articles.   Read them online or simply copy and paste the article of choice into a word document.    

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