Tuesday, December 13, 2011

EOU Benchmark Testing Protocol

After feedback from teachers across the district and a conversation with the curriculum guide committee about the degree of text difficulty in the EOU Benchmarks we have prepared a small change in the protocol of administration.
The EOU Benchmarks are still in their infancy and we’ll most likely find small errors throughout the guides. In order to honor what you have already taught and any planning you might have done for future units we do not want to alter entire assessments. Please use the protocol when administering your assessments.

EOU Benchmark Testing Protocol:
  • Prior to the day of the assessment, teachers may read the text aloud or have students read the text to become familiar with the text. Teachers do not set a purpose for the reading, other than to become familiar with the passage.
  • Teachers administer the assessment with the text, allowing students to reread text on their own and use text to answer questions. Teachers may follow accommodations for students with IEPs or LAPs.
  • Teacher scores the assessment following the proficiency levels AND protocols, as listed on the assessment.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Literacy Learning Labs!

Attention TCSD Literacy Lovers -

Our new learning labs are scheduled for second semester! Boy, do we have some extra special literacy love planned for you! 

Choose the literacy lab that's write for you!  Sign Up Here:  Literacy Learning Labs

Friday, December 2, 2011

Barometer Children

We all have a couple kids in our classrooms that struggle with stamina.  In the Two Sisters' Tip of the Week, they suggest small confined spaces for students to read.  Allowing students their "own space" often cuts back on the maintenance that goes with barometer children! 

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