Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Reflecting and Goal Setting

I apologize for the Lit Coach Recommends absence in the last couple weeks.  I think we've all been a little busy winding down the school year.

Preparing for Summer

Many teachers are gearing students up for summer break.  While we all know that summer is time to decompress and enjoy the time off, we don't want students to neglect the good reading behaviors you've been nurturing all year! 

Some teachers are asking students how they plan to continue their learning over the summer, while some are reflecting on all the learning they accomplished this year!  Here are some other ideas:
  • Send each student home with a summer writing journal 
  • Discuss places they can get books (Sinte Gleska Library, Valentine Public Library)
  • Have students set summer reading goals (read 5 books over the summer, read something everyday)
  • Model letter writing and write letters to each of your students over the summer and ask them to write you back!
  • Share Caine's Arcade and discuss ways your students can get creative this summer.

Personal Professional Development Plans

Your literacy coaches have asked you to begin reflecting on the school year.  Many teachers have participated in the Pinnacles and Pits exercise with their grade level teams.  By identifying these big moments of the school year, teachers are able to determine some qualities of their professional practices that they may want to keep (or discard!). 

For example, many teams shared pinnacles of units of study that were successful due to the collaborative planning and preparation that took place before the teaching.  This reveals, that when teams operate as a true professional learning community, we can see success for all students. 

After reflecting and determining highs and lows, teachers begin constructing their Personal Professional Development Plan (PPDP).  This document will guide the work of literacy coaches next year.  The PPDP allows teachers to set individual goals and for coaches to support them through improving their skill sets and knowledge of the particular goal. 

If you have any questions about writing your PPDP don't hesitate to reach out to your literacy coach. 

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