Friday, March 16, 2012

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You made it to another Friday!  
Here's your weekly dose of literacy info:

Video Collections Instructional Strategies
Here are two more resources for teachers to see balanced literacy and writing instruction in action.

Curriculum Services of Canada have created a webcast of multiple videos to support teachers in nonfiction writing.  Check out the videos on creating webpages!  What a great idea for an informational writing piece!
Curriculum Webcasts

Salem Keizer Public Schools have compiled a collection of videos that model balanced literacy strategies.  Check them out here:
Salem Keizer Videos
Check out this video from the collection on modeling a Reading Response strategy!
Lifting a Line 

Writing and Reading for Real Audiences and Purposes
Some teachers across the district are leading students to write for real purposes and real audiences in order to make the projects more authentic.  Read this edutopia blog articles about how writing for real audiences (people other than the teacher!) motivates students. 

Writing for Real Audiences


Upcoming Dates
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